CORETEQ Research & Development is a company with many years of experiences in IT where it has been researching new technologies and studying those already in existence. Our team is represented by IT experts with more than 10 years of experience in application design, development and deployment. Experience in the domain of implementation of enterprise applications in banking, government and the private sectors is simply a matter of course. We offer effective solutions to problems arising from the needs of each business operation.

We deal with software implementation tailored exactly to the client’s requirements. We are one hundred percent honest with our clients and upon the presentation of their requirement we immediately warn them about possible problems affecting the product, or future problems in expanding the product's functionality. When identifying a potential problem we always offer suitable solutions that do not disrupt stability and possible future product extensions.

CORETEQ Research & Development IT solutions are based on:

  • many years of experience with development, integration and the final implementation of products
  • frequent monitoring and the study of new technologies and the development processes in IT
  • different types of outsourcing, security solutions and audits, consulting services, etc.
  • motivation evaluations of our employees and co-workers, based on the results of high quality performance and a good notion of the world of IT

Our company guarantees an individual approach to your requirements. We would like to provide personalised solutions that fully respect your needs and necessities.

Please contact us for further questions.